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Spooner equipment is known for baking amazing bread but our experience spreads further

Here is a list of just some of the products our equipment is used for



Tinned bread, lidded, batch, hearth, brioche, panini, breadcrumb, pitta and naan

Experts in baking bread our Forced Convection Oven gives the best in uniform baking. 

Our Swing Prover provides the ideal conditions, whilst for cooling, we recommend either a Rack or Spiral Cooler.

Bread Rolls

Buns/rolls - Morning Goods

Hot cross buns, burgers bun, morning goods, Finger rolls, brioche and panini

Provide the perfect start to your baking process with either our Swing or Tunnel Prover.

A Forced Convection or  Direct Gas Fired oven will be best suited for morning goods with our Spiral Cooler offering the best finishing results.



Sponge cake, cheesecake, tarts and individual sweet treats

Depending on the type of cake either an IndirectDirect Forced Convection or Direct Gas Fired oven is suitable.

Our Tunnel Prover and Spiral or Tunnel Cooler are perfect for use in the process.



Tray bake and stone baked

For pizza, a Step, Swing and Tunnel Prover could be used.

Our Forced Convection Ovens offer the best solution for the bake whilst a Spiral and Tunnel Cooler finish off the process.



Wheat biscuits, loose cereal, Granolas, cereal bars

Either Indirect Forced Convection or Hybrid Ovens are perfect for baking a range of cereals.

Our Tunnel Cooler is the ideal cooling solution.



Sweet or savoury, naked or tinned

Our Direct Gas Fired or Forced Convection Ovens offer the best baking solutions for a variety of pies.

For cooling, we recommend either our Tunnel or Spiral Cooler.

Snack foods

Snack Foods

Noodles, potato snacks, crisps, savoury snacks

Perfect for snack foods our Forced Convection Ovens offers the best results.

For cooling either a Spiral or Tunnel Cooler.

ready meals

Ready Meals

All frozen or chilled trayed ready meals

Our Forced Convection Ovens offer the perfect bake for all frozen or chilled trayed ready meals.

We recommend either our Tunnel or Spiral Cooler for the cooling process.



Sweet or savoury biscuits, chocolate bar cookies, saltine crackers

Depending on the biscuit either our Direct Gas Fired or Forced Convection Oven will offer you the best baking solution.

For the cooling process, our Tunnel Cooler is recommended.

Pet Foods

Pet Foods

Chews, Treats, Dental Sticks

For pet food, we recommend our Forced Convection Oven with our Tunnel Cooler for the perfect results.



Naked or tinned

Proving the perfect bake, our Forced Convection Ovens are best suited for either naked or tinned pastries whilst our Spiral or Tunnel Coolers are recommended for the cooling process.

Crisp Breads

Crisp Breads

Wheat, Rye & Gluten Free

A Hybrid Direct Gas Fired front end is the best solution for baking crispbreads.

Our Tunnel Prover is best suited to naked products whilst our Rack Prover suits tray products.

An Ambient Cooler is the best for the cooling process.

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