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Industrial Bakery Provers

Excellent control and conditioning

Spooner offer swing tray, tunnel and static industrial provers all utilising Spooner Technology

Find out why below.

Industrial Bakery Prover
Industrial bakery prover 3d Model
Spooner Industrial bakery prover
Spooner Tunnel Industrial bakery proofer

Complete Control
of internal conditioning

With precise temperature and humidity control, Spooner industrial bakery provers ensure optimum product conditioning, ideal dough development and unrivalled product consistency.

Providing the best start to your baking process Spooner offers a range of swing, tunnel and static provers all with product tracking, simple operation and maintenance.

Not just bread...

Our industrial bakery provers can be used for any product that requires proving such as…..

We continually develop our technology to ensure our features give the best results. 

Spooner industrial bakery prover in situ
Spooner Prover Range
Swing Tray Prover
Tunnel Prover
Static Prover
Dough proving
Range of conditioning options
Steam, gas or electric heating with steam or water humidification.
Remote product monitoring
Product Tracking
Product tracking provides status of activity within the prover enabling planning and preparation in the process chain
loaders and unloaders inside an industrial bakery prover
Loaders and Unloaders
Loaders and unloaders receive and push off batches of pan and trays on to and off the prover.
Shelves inside prover
Single or two zone conditioning
Spooner zonal technology provides the ultimate opportunity to enhance dough development through a range of conditioned zones.
tunnel provers and conveyors
Range of conveyor
Spooner tunnel provers, a full range of conveying mediums and widths can be utilised depending on product. The range available include wire mesh, modular plastic and PU belts.
Spooner industrial bakery proofer render

Designed For You

Spooner’s industrial bakery provers are designed to fit your space and requirements. With years of experience, we know that this is not always straightforward and limited space in a plant can be an issue. 

Working with our customers we design the solution perfect not only for producing excellent quality products but that fits into the available space.

We work globally with many of the big bakeries tailoring solutions in both new and existing plant facilities. Not only do we offer bespoke provers we also manufacture ovens, coolers and heat recovery systems. 

Typical Technical Specifications

All our provers can be highly configurable to your specific needs. 

Typical Specifications
Width Range
Up to 5m
Normal range 30-55
Swing (single, double or triple) or Tunnel
Heat Source
Steam, Gas or Electric.
Humidity source
Steam or Water
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