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Forced Convection
Tunnel Ovens

Excellent control and energy efficiency.

We understand the importance of being able to control the baking process in a simple, responsive way.

Find out why below.

Forced Convection industrial oven
Forced Convection industrial oven
Spooner tunnel oven with bread
Air flow inside Industrial bakery tunnel oven

Unparalleled Control
Over Your Bake

Our latest generation of modular tunnel oven provides the ultimate in baking uniformity, energy efficiency and control.

With over 90 years of experience and using our specialised Spooner technology, Spooner is renowned for making the best ovens in the industry.

Built using our knowledge and understanding of the baking process our latest oven meets the demands of a busy bakery. 

Not just bread...

Yes, we are famous for our Bread ovens, but Spooner ovens are an exceptional choice for a wide range of other food applications.

We continually develop our features to ensure they provide the best results – here are some of those features…….. 

industrial tunnel oven side view

Designed For You

We design all our equipment to our customers’ exact requirements. Whether installing equipment at a new plant or into an existing line we know how to make any space work.

With over 90 years of experiences, we are experts in designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning all over the world.

Our latest oven can be configured to fit where ever necessary and are built pre-wired and tested to ensure a quick and successful installation. 

Typical Technical Specifications

All our Forced Air Convection ovens are highly configurable to your specific needs.

Typical Specifications
Width Range
0.8m to 5m (31.5″ to 197″)
2.2m (86.5”) increments up to 17.6m (57’ 8”) per zone
Oven Configurations
Direct, Indirect, Radiant Effect
Energy Source
Electric, Natural Gas, Oil or Hydrogen
Temperature range
Up to 300°C (572°F)
Slat band, solid band, mesh or stone

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