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Explore our range of Industrial Bakery Ovens

Spooner offers a broad range of industrial bakery oven types all offering exceptional control and energy efficiency for a variety of applications.

Our focus on energy and efficiency means you can take a
massive step towards your decarbonisation and sustainability
ambitions. If you’re worried about your fuel choice today not being cost-effective in the future, then look no further.

Our equipment can be dual fuelled from new or can be retro-fitted at a later date, so choosing Spooner is never the wrong decision.

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More than just bread ovens.

Spooner is world-famous for the quality of our bread ovens, but we also offer a full range of industrial baking equipment, all of which benefit from our Spooner technology to give a superior baking experience right through the production line.

Experienced Problem Solvers

Spooner has been manufacturing Industrial food equipment for nearly a century. Our knowledge, experience and natural curiosity are the reason so many customers come to us to help them solve production line problems.

See how we have helped some clients recently with our case studies.

Saving Energy and Money

Integrated terminal ends reduce energy loss and usage.

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Spooner Bakes Up 20% Energy Saving

Find out how we delivered a 20% energy saving on a 12,000 loaves per hour bread pan oven.

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Effective heat recovery from decades of expertise

Save 40% on energy consumption and reach your decarbonisation targets.

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