Spooner Industrial Bakery Equipment

Food Equipment Specialists

The ultimate in baking control since 1932

William Spooner revolutionised industrial processes with his forced air technology.

Since then, Spooner equipment has become the preferred choice for many Industrial Bakers the world over due to superior performance, quality and process control.

More than just bread...

Consistent results...... whatever the product.

Designed with energy efficiency at the core.

Reducing the cost to you and our planet

Bespoke Prover Solutions

Spooner Provers ensure excellent process control and conditioning:-

– Precise temperature control

– Uniform conditions

– Excellent dough development

– Energy Efficiency

Bespoke Oven Solutions

Spooner Ovens are famous for offering superior control over your baking process:-

– Uniform baking

– Variable heat sources

– High-performance HMI

– Rapid process changes

Custom Built Cooler Solutions

Spooner Coolers ensure flexible cooling with excellent product quality:-

– No weight loss.

– Flexible to production layout.

– Single or multi-pass systems.

– Easy to maintain.

Industrial Bakery Prover

Bespoke Prover Solutions

Bespoke Oven Solutions

Forced Convection industrial oven
Industrial bakery cooler

Custom Build Cooler Solutions

Spooner Plus

Worldwide customer support

You will find Spooner equipment all over the globe and with it our support and maintenance teams.

We offer end-to-end customer support from R&D and Concept Design, through to installation, training and maintenance.

Case Studies

Hunger for quality without compromise

3 ways to maintain your quality and efficiency

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Another Satisfied Customer

Find out how we optimised our customer's baking and drying process, and exceeded their expectations.

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Hybrid Ovens Exceed Expectations

Ensuring our customer expectations are met and exceeded is our priority.

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