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Find out about the benefits of a Spooner Dual Fuel Oven here.

Dual Fuel Oven

For over 90 years Spooner has been a leading supplier of electric and gas ovens and dryers into every part of the food sector.

Now, with a global focus on achieving Net-Zero carbon emissions, our latest developments continue to support outstanding baking control whilst supporting your zero emissions strategies, with our dual fuel heat sources (electric and gas).

Electric - Gas Conversion

Utilising Spooner’s in-house knowledge and integrated technology we are now supplying dual fuel options, on ovens up to 5m wide, that allows gas fired burners and electric heaters to be incorporated within the same oven. This allows for the switching of energy sources to meet product or energy tariffs​.

With electric being 5-7% more efficient than gas, it gives you the flexibility to adjust how you heat your oven, based on changing fuel prices and your carbon reduction strategy.

Benefits include:

  • Integration within existing power module to allow electric, gas or dual fuel operation​.
  • Adjust electric to suit your energy/carbon or product requirements​.
  • Future-proof operation for electric across Spooner’s full range of products (0.6-5m wide).
  • Proven year-on-year energy savings/carbon reductions.
  • Run more electric on a night shift or when rates are lower​.
  • Combine with green energy generation (i.e. wind or solar).
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If you want to learn more about how dual fuel can support your production line and about our range of Industrial Provers, Industrial Ovens, Industrial Coolers, and Heat Recovery Systems, get in touch with Andrew Robinson (arobinson@spooner.co.uk) or Simon Rowlatt (srowlatt@spooner.co.uk) via email or call +44 (0)1943 609 505.

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